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Online Doctor Visits

Keep an ongoing relationship with one doctor or choose next available.​

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24/7 Specialists and Hospitalist support! Our broad coverage rids the need of silos of care​

Remote Patient Monitoring

Organizations, providers and patients alike benefit greatly from an integrated program.

Comprehensive employer plans (move to top left)

We are eliminating the waste of typical PEPM plans with visit only charges with PEPM cap, medicine and laboratory discounts

Everyone loves choices

See one doctor.

  • Visit requests available within
    24 hours
  • Choose to have an ongoing medical relationship with one Cura Primary Care Provider
  • Another Question? Open Chat for 72 hours after visit

See One Doctor

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  • Visit requests available within
  • Next Available Physician will always have access to your previous records with Cura providers
  • Another question? Open Chat for 72 hours after visit

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Cura Membership

  • Doctors Always Available
  • Discount Medications (save so much you often pay for the membership)
  • Discount At Home Lab Testing
  • Your Cura TeleHealth Membership provides message-based access to your provider

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Cura is proud to have received the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval.

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